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Posted by: aeternaldark - 03-24-2006, 01:50 AM - Forum: Main Forum - No Replies

This is a list of Japanese sex terms.

Ashikoki — using the feet to manipulate a sex partner's penis (a footjob/foot****) [1]

Bakku de (バックで)— doggy style
Banira (Vanilla) — sperm, ejaculation fluid
Bukkake (打っ掛け, ブッカケWink — usually in group sex, ejaculating onto the body or face of a sex partner

Chichi — breasts, boobs, tits, jugs, hooters, cans, rack
Chikan — molester
Chikubi (乳首Wink — nipple(s)
Chiro — coitus "un"-interruptus; [lit: slow leak]
Chin — penis, wanker, cock, dick
Also chinko (Tokyo dialect), chinchi, chinpo (Kansai dialect), and ochinchin (used by some children/women)
Chinchi Chaburu — sucking cocks (dicks), blowjob

Daichinchi - big dick (cock)
Dekapai - large breasts, big tits
Dekachin - big dick (cock)
Doujin - a hentai manga comic with explicit content

Ecchi, ecchi-na (エッチ、 エッチな) — lewd, perverted
Ecchiban — Dirty (porno) magazine
Enjo kosai (援助交際Wink — compensated dating (lit: ***isted company)

Fera, ferachio (フェラ、フェラチオWink — fellatio, blowjob
Fakku, **** (ファックWink — ****
Futanari, (フェラ、フェラチオWink — Girls who sprout penises (lit: 'double form')

Haizumo — fetish involving overweight female partners, fat chicks
Hameru (嵌めるWink — to have sex, ****, get laid
Hame hame suru — to have sex, ****, get laid
Harigata — dildo
Hentai — pervert, sicko
Hitozuma to neru — to sleep with another man's wife

Iku — achieving orgasm, coming, getting off (lit. to go -- analog to english slang use of "coming")

Ketsu — buttocks, buns, ***, cheeks, derriere, bottom
Koki — masturbation
Kusotare — anus, ***hole

Lolicon, Rorikon (ロリコンWink — the sexual attraction to fictional or real underage girls, pedophilia

Manko — the vulva or vagina
Manzuri — female masturbation
Mange — female pubic hair
Manjiru — vaginal secretions

Nakadashi (中出しWink — internal male climax
Nakinami — fisting
Nanpa (軟派Wink — skirt chaser
Nanpa suru (軟派するWink — flirting, or soliciting women for sexual acts

Omanko — the vulva or vagina
Omeko — the vulva or vagina (Osaka dialect)
Onani- — masturbation
Oppai — breasts (usually considered inoffensive)
Oshiri — buttocks

Paizuri (パイズリWink — mammary intercourse, tit ****ing, tit job
Pechipai — small breasts, flat-chested
panchira — upskirts

Seikou (性交Wink — sexual intercourse
Seiyou — sexual desire
Sekkusu (セックスWink — sex
Sekuhara — sexual har***ment
Seme (攻めWink — top
Senzuri — male masturbation, pulling pud, jerking off, tossing off, choking the chicken, whacking off
Shakuhachi — fellatio, blow job, cock sucking
Shibari — bondage
Shiofuki (しおふきWink — female ejaculation
Sukebe — perverted, sicko

Tama — testicles, balls
Tanima — cleavage (breasts)
Tekoki — handjob

Uke (受けWink — bottom; receiver, a punk or bitch in prison
Urabon — an illegal book containing (uncensored)sex photos

Yarichin — a man without inhibitions towards sex (lit: do-penis)
Yariman — a woman without inhibitions towards sex (lit: do-vagina)
Yaru (やるWink — to have sex (lit: to do)

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Posted by: pendejerto - 03-23-2006, 10:01 PM - Forum: Main Forum - No Replies

pues ya empezo la 10 temporada asi que aqui tambien estaran los capitulos, cada jueves hasta que se acabe la temporada

1001 - The Return of Chef

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Posted by: pendejerto - 03-22-2006, 07:39 PM - Forum: Eventos - No Replies

pues es lo unico que hay, asi que hay que ver...........

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.bmp   maniqui.bmp (Size: 629.94 KB / Downloads: 4)
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Posted by: pendejerto - 03-04-2006, 08:08 PM - Forum: Main Forum - No Replies

Jackson 5 Drummer Slain

03/03/2006 5:08 PM, E! Online

Johnny Jackson, the man who kept the beat for the Jackson 5, and cousin to Michael, Janet, Tito et al., was found stabbed to death in his Gary, Indiana, home Wednesday.
According to local police, officers were called to Johnny Jackson's house at approximately 11:30 p.m. after a neighbor phoned in a noise complaint. The caller, who lived above Jackson, reported that the musician and an unidentified woman were having a heated exchange on the first floor of the building.
The police entered Jackson's home and found the 54-year-old unconscious with a stab wound to his chest. Less than an hour later, the Lake County coroner's office pronounced him dead.
The person who placed the emergency call told cops she went downstairs after hearing the commotion and found her neighbor lying in living room. It was then she contacted the police.
Police have no details on the woman Jackson was supposedly arguing with, including how she knew the drummer, although the neighbor described the woman as an acquaintance of Jackson's.
No arrests have been made. The case is being treated as a homicide investigation.
Jackson joined his famous cousins' singing troupe in the late 1960s, replacing the group's original drummer, Milford Hite. While Motown sessions musicians played on most of the group's greatest cuts, including "I Want You Back," "ABC," "I'll Be There" and "Never Can Say Goodbye," Johnny Jackson was the band's concert drummer. After the group disbanded, he joined an outfit called the White Doves.
There has always been some debate as to whether or not Johnny Jackson was a blood relative or legitimate cousin of the hit-making family; however, it is believed that he was a nephew of patriarch Joe Jackson.
It's not immediately known whether Johnny Jackson had ever married or had children; he was living alone at the time of his death.
"It hurts me so bad," Jackson's childhood friend and White Doves bandmate Anthony Acoff told the ***ociated Press. "I called him that night. We were supposed to go to a jam session."
"He was a show drummer," said another old friend, Gordon Keith (who has sued the Jackson 5 over some early recordings). "There were times that he would outshine Michael at their shows."

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Posted by: lando - 02-26-2006, 01:29 PM - Forum: Main Forum - No Replies

Los Chicharrones de Harina Sabritones son Kosher Parve, revise el sello de KMD en el empaque.
esa harina con la que los hicieron no sufrio al ser sacrificada?? :eek:


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Posted by: pendejerto - 02-18-2006, 01:30 PM - Forum: Eventos - No Replies

Cumpleaños del Pol asi que hay peda en el parque fimbres
lazaro cardenas a un lado del waldos enfrente de la mision dragon


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Posted by: aeternaldark - 02-17-2006, 12:01 PM - Forum: Main Forum - Replies (1)

WOW nunca habia visto este video... esta raro.. pero gracioso!

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Posted by: pendejerto - 01-19-2006, 10:05 PM - Forum: Eventos - Replies (5)

quien sabe si sea cierto.....

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Posted by: pendejerto - 01-16-2006, 11:56 PM - Forum: Eventos - Replies (1)

Tons que, vamos?

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Posted by: aeternaldark - 01-05-2006, 03:07 PM - Forum: Eventos - Replies (4)

Hey, tons ke? se va a hacer en semana santa? aparentemente cae entre del 9 al 15 de abril. Hay que ir viendo, no?? Espero ke revisen el foro a ver los planes. Ademas, acaban de abrir el HOOTERS hotel&casino!!

Por cierto, el festival rockabilly cae tambien en esas fechas.

The Rockabilly Party Weekend!
April 13-16, 2006

Viva Las Vegas 9 will take place at:
The Gold Coast Hotel & Casino
4000 W. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89103
[Image: VLV9.jpg]

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