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This is a list of Japanese sex terms.

Ashikoki — using the feet to manipulate a sex partner's penis (a footjob/foot****) [1]

Bakku de (バックで)— doggy style
Banira (Vanilla) — sperm, ejaculation fluid
Bukkake (打っ掛け, ブッカケWink — usually in group sex, ejaculating onto the body or face of a sex partner

Chichi — breasts, boobs, tits, jugs, hooters, cans, rack
Chikan — molester
Chikubi (乳首Wink — nipple(s)
Chiro — coitus "un"-interruptus; [lit: slow leak]
Chin — penis, wanker, cock, dick
Also chinko (Tokyo dialect), chinchi, chinpo (Kansai dialect), and ochinchin (used by some children/women)
Chinchi Chaburu — sucking cocks (dicks), blowjob

Daichinchi - big dick (cock)
Dekapai - large breasts, big tits
Dekachin - big dick (cock)
Doujin - a hentai manga comic with explicit content

Ecchi, ecchi-na (エッチ、 エッチな) — lewd, perverted
Ecchiban — Dirty (porno) magazine
Enjo kosai (援助交際Wink — compensated dating (lit: ***isted company)

Fera, ferachio (フェラ、フェラチオWink — fellatio, blowjob
Fakku, **** (ファックWink — ****
Futanari, (フェラ、フェラチオWink — Girls who sprout penises (lit: 'double form')

Haizumo — fetish involving overweight female partners, fat chicks
Hameru (嵌めるWink — to have sex, ****, get laid
Hame hame suru — to have sex, ****, get laid
Harigata — dildo
Hentai — pervert, sicko
Hitozuma to neru — to sleep with another man's wife

Iku — achieving orgasm, coming, getting off (lit. to go -- analog to english slang use of "coming")

Ketsu — buttocks, buns, ***, cheeks, derriere, bottom
Koki — masturbation
Kusotare — anus, ***hole

Lolicon, Rorikon (ロリコンWink — the sexual attraction to fictional or real underage girls, pedophilia

Manko — the vulva or vagina
Manzuri — female masturbation
Mange — female pubic hair
Manjiru — vaginal secretions

Nakadashi (中出しWink — internal male climax
Nakinami — fisting
Nanpa (軟派Wink — skirt chaser
Nanpa suru (軟派するWink — flirting, or soliciting women for sexual acts

Omanko — the vulva or vagina
Omeko — the vulva or vagina (Osaka dialect)
Onani- — masturbation
Oppai — breasts (usually considered inoffensive)
Oshiri — buttocks

Paizuri (パイズリWink — mammary intercourse, tit ****ing, tit job
Pechipai — small breasts, flat-chested
panchira — upskirts

Seikou (性交Wink — sexual intercourse
Seiyou — sexual desire
Sekkusu (セックスWink — sex
Sekuhara — sexual har***ment
Seme (攻めWink — top
Senzuri — male masturbation, pulling pud, jerking off, tossing off, choking the chicken, whacking off
Shakuhachi — fellatio, blow job, cock sucking
Shibari — bondage
Shiofuki (しおふきWink — female ejaculation
Sukebe — perverted, sicko

Tama — testicles, balls
Tanima — cleavage (breasts)
Tekoki — handjob

Uke (受けWink — bottom; receiver, a punk or bitch in prison
Urabon — an illegal book containing (uncensored)sex photos

Yarichin — a man without inhibitions towards sex (lit: do-penis)
Yariman — a woman without inhibitions towards sex (lit: do-vagina)
Yaru (やるWink — to have sex (lit: to do)

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